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Paul Albrighton selected as one of Canada's under 35 Young Guns in Real Estate

I am very pleased to be chosen as one of the Real Estate Magazine's Young Guns 2015 list for under 35 year old trailblazers in all of Canada.  Thank you to my clients and supporters for the last 8 years.

Paul Albrighton's Story featured in the News



"One man's happiness project moves ahead"

This news story was written by Kerry Gold at the Globe and Mail and posted in the Real Estate section on December 20th 2012, as Paul Albrighton is a recognized leader in the Vancouver Real Estate Industry.  His sales ablilites, unique brand, and annual contribution to the Make-A-Wish BC chapter has received attention from the media.

From Globe and Mail Website

paul albrighton globe and mail by rafal gerszak 2012

Above: Paul Albrighton photographed in his loft, December 18 2012.  Photo by Rafal Gerszak

Paul Albrighton is the kind of 27 year old who could pass for a teenager wearing a nice suit. He’s got a wide grin, a wiry build, and the polite exuberance of a young salesman who might have taken in a few Tony Robbins how-to-be-your-best seminars.

His optimism, though, hasn’t got that dogged spiritual-boot-camp feel to it. Mr. Albrighton has arrived at his daily up-with-life mantra as a response to childhood health setbacks that linger into his adult life. In other words, he’s happy to be alive. In fact, he’s so happy and goal-oriented, he tells me, that his mind is even working while he sleeps.

“When you give yourself good thoughts before bed, you do a little dreaming about what you want,” he says, seated in a Gastown coffee shop. “Your body and mind work over time when you are focused, even when you are sleeping. Define what you want, make it realistic, and go for it with passion,” he says.


Paul Albrighton in the Globe & Mail Real Estate News







Paul Albrighton is often quoted for his expertise with lofts and Vancouver properties.  Recently the Globe & Mail News reached out to Paul Albrighton for information on a recent sale, a loft on Beatty Street, #3-528 Beatty St.  This historic loft was unique with its architectural features.  Read more by following the links below.
paul albrighton globe and mail video


Video Link:

Text Version:


Quoted from the article:
"The property was listed at $429,000, reduced to $409,000 after several weeks without selling and was reduced again to $399,000. It finally sold 51 days after being listed for $395,000.


What they got: Because Vancouver hasn’t got a lot of lofts, the lofts that do come on the market go for a price that’s generally slightly higher than the average. This loft at 528 Beatty, known as Bowman Lofts, is a warehouse conversion by Salient Group in the neighbourhood of Crosstown, which intersects three neighbourhoods: Yaletown, Gastown and Chinatown. It’s on a highly desirable street, close to trendy upscale restaurants as well as the hockey arena and movie theatres.

The agent’s take: Realtor Paul Albrighton is a loft specialist whose listings usually come up in places like Crosstown where the buildings were formerly used for light manufacturing and warehousing. In the current market, “we are seeing more investor style clients that are planning to purchase properties either as holding property or rental properties because they recognize that prices have come down,” Mr. Albrighton said. “The purchaser of this place is planning to rent it out for the long term, as it’s a unique place and the price was very attractive.”

If you are looking to buy or sell a Vancouver property, contact Paul Albrighton, 604-315-5574.

Paul Albrighton in the Vancouver Sun



Paul Albrighton was quoted in The Vancouver Sun on February 19th in the article;
"Donald Trump eyes a Vancouver presence on site of nixed Ritz-Carlton project".  Having sold many similar condos and working with buyers from a across the globe, Paul Albrighton is a sought after specialist with the Shangri-la Vancouver, at 1111 Alberni St & 1128 W Georgia St.  His focused website for this building is:  

The recent Article featured in The Vancouver Sun, was discussing the speculated Trump International Development located on Georgia Street.  Tracey Sherlock approached Albrighton for his expertise with the current comparable Shangri-la building.

Pauls Section: "There are several other hotel-condo projects in Vancouver, including the Shangri-La, which was completed in 2009 and is Vancouver's tallest building at 62 storeys. Paul Albrighton, a realtor specializing in resale units at the Shangri-La, said prices in the luxury building have risen an average of two to three per cent in the past 12 months - above average for Vancouver condos. He said buyers are both Vancouverites and offshore buyers, but that there has been a bit of a slowdown, particularly among offshore buyers, in the past six to eight months."

Read more:

holbun project with donald trump georgia street vancouver

Paul Albrighton Information


Vancouver modern property specialist

604. 315.5574

[email protected]

Macdonald Realty Ltd

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Tel 604 315 5574

Fax 604 689 5665

Macdonald Realty Downtown

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 Paul Albrighton biography and information:

paul albrighton personal real estate corp

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From Today May 2nd 2011 until May 31st, 2011. Simply refer your friend, family member or coworker to buy or sell a Vancouver property with Albrighton and receive a 12 month subscription to Dwell magazine.  Once your friend completes their purchase, you will receive a 12 month free subscription to Dwell Magazine sent to you directly.  

Dwell Magazine is an international magazine publication that displays and discusses great aspects of modern living.  Each issue includes unique architecture, modern spaces, along with great furniture and building ideas.   Read more about the magazine here:


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Buying or Selling a Unique Poperty in Vancouver/Yaletown



Paul Albrighton is a Downtown real estate expert. Providing unmatched high-end property marketing for modern condos, lofts, live/work lofts and architectural properties in Vancouver, BC.

Our clientele often appreciates art, design, and a modern take to thinking and living. We value property that is designed to visually and functionally enhance their lifestyle. With each transaction our focus on client satisfaction allows our service to lead the marketplace.

Our unique promotional systems online and our large networks keep Albrighton Real Estate ahead of the competition.

If you are planning to sell or buy a unique property, contact Paul Albrighton today at 604. 315.5574 or at [email protected]


Albrighton 2011 Highlighted Sales




Vancouver Real Estate Market Update

Summary for local Downtown Vancouver Market Report for condos and lofts

The market continues to show positive signs.  Inventory is still low, and our market still remains as a sellers market (defined by having less than three months supply).  Sales activity has slowed down since the Summer months which is typical for this time of year, however; sales in October were up 4.1% from September which was already a very active month.  Compared to October of 2008, sales were up 117% for Greater Vancouver. 

“High confidence and low mortgage rates are continuing to drive the activity we’re seeing in the housing market today. We’re coming off several months of unseasonably high sales levels, which has allowed for a gradual increase in home values this year,”  - Scott Russell, Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) president said.

This month I wanted to more of an analysis of Greater Vancouver, and Western Canada.

November Market Update
Since the market correction last winter, the market has bounced back nicely to test previous highs, both in the number of sales and in benchmark prices. The summer of 2009 surprised many analysts and market-watchers with both its resiliency and fervour, and clients have asked what will happen in the fall and winter.

No one really knows what the market will do, but traditionally, the winter season has resulted in a slow-down in the market as families buckle down for the school year, weather patterns make buyer tours less pleasant, and holiday planning begins. Because there are fewer buyers, some sellers will decide that they can wait until these buyers return, which results in less supply to offset the drop in demand.

However, statistics show that house prices tend to be lower in the winter than in the summer which is why home price stats are seasonally adjusted. People who sell in the winter are more likely to be ready to sell and realistic rather than curious and unmotivated. Also, because there are fewer buyers, true negotiations between buyers and sellers are more likely to occur in place of auction-type multiple offer situations.

So what does this mean if you're a buyer or seller? If you're a buyer that has the flexibility to purchase during the winter months, your selection may become more limited, but if you find what you like, you will likely have a better opportunity to negotiate for your home rather than bid for it. If you're a seller, a limited supply can work in your favour if you have a good realtor that can outline the unique features of your home.

Every situation is different, and each year presents a new set of challenges and opportunities that require professional analysis.  Source, Macdonald Realty Ltd.

End of Oct 2009 graph

Albrighton Vancouver lofts and modern condo buildings

Albrighton Vancouver Loft bulidings, and architectural residences:

These webpages feature information, listings, and property for sale within these buildings.


Vancouver Loft and Premiere Architecture Realtor

Macdonald Realty Downtown Vancouver

604 315 5574 - Granite Block Lofts in Mount Pleasant - 234 East 5th, Vancouver  Abbott Place in Gastown Vancouver - 233 Abbott St, Vancouver

"33" in Crosstown Vancouver - 33 West Pender

The Workshop Lofts in Mount Pleasant - 1220 E. Pender St, Vancouver

Koret Lofts in Gastown - 55 E. Cordova, Vancouver

Del Prado Yaletown Loft Building - 1155 Mainland St, Vancouver

The Hamilton Yaletown Loft Buliding - 1178 Hamilton St. Vancouver

The Space Lofts - Downtown Loft Building - 1238 Seymour St, Vancouver

Bowman Lofts in Crosstown - 528 Beatty St, Vancouver

XL Lofts in Cambie/Mount Pleasant W - 428 W. 8th Ave, Vancouver

Metropolis Lofts in Yaletown Vancouver - 1238 Richards St, Vancouver

Alda Lofts in Yaletown Vancouver - 1275 Hamilton St, Vancouver

Crosstown heritage loft building - 518 Beatty S, Vancouver

The Spot Lofts in Downtown Vancouver - 933 Seymour St, Vancouver

Tribeca Lofts in Yaletown Vancouver - 988 Richards St, Vancouver

McMasters Buliding - Lofts in Yaletown - 1180 Homer St, Vancouver

Sophia - Mount Pleasant Modern condos - 298 E. 11th Ave, Vancouver

The Edge lofts in Gastown Vancouver - 289 Alexander St, Vancouver

Artech Warehouse Lofts in Mount Pleasant - 336 E. 1st Ave, Vancouver

Loft 495 in South Granville/Mount Pleasant - 495 W. 6th, Vancouver

Van Horne in Gastown - 22 E. Cordova, Vancouver

Carrall Station in Gastown - 1 E. Cordova St, Vancouver

Crane Building - 540 Beatty in Crosstown - 546 Beatty St, Vancouver

Murchies Building in Yaletown - 1216 Homer St, Vancouver

Waterfall Building in False Creek - 1540 W. 2nd, Vancouver

The Grace in Yaletown - 499 Drake St, Vancouver

The Grace in Yaletown - 1280 Richards St, Vancouver - Shangri La in Downtown - 1111 Alberni St, Vancouver - Shangri-La in Coal Harbour - 1128 W. Georgia St, Vancouver - Flatiron in Coal Harbour - 1277 Melville St, Vancouver - Harbour Green II in Coal Harbour - 1139 W. Cordova St, Vancouver - The Qube in Coal Harbour - 1333 W. Georgia St, Vancouver

Great article about Vancouver lofts under $500,000

See this great article with descriptions and links about some great Loft condos for sale in Vancouver under $500,000.

Paul Albrighton - Vancouver Lofts.